KHB Music is an international record company. We produce, promote, manage and publish on our labels (KHB Music, Handmade Tunes, XWaveZ) worldwide artists, bands and DJs from the genres Pop, Dance, EDM, House, Chill-Out and Rock.

We released over 70 records in the last years, including great bands and artists like DJ Combo, Jenifer Brening, Nadia, DJ Rob de Blank, MD911, Fabbro feat. Angel Falls, DJ Territo, Kenny Laakkinen, Hypnotic Beat, Chàrlee M., Grayhound O.C.D., Hella Donna, MC Duro and different compilation series.

KHB Music is always looking for new productions, artists, remixers and producers. Please sent us your tracks, videos, informations, photos via Mail to: info@khb-music.de