Afrojockers & V1R00Z

Afrojockers & V1R00Z

AFROJOCKERS One of the most popular DJs and Record Producers in Poland represented by the brothers Lapa & Magio. They started DJing in 2001 with DJ Angelo Cross (R.I.P) from London, who performed with the British group The Prodigy.

Previously The duo performed under the stage name UMT Project, which appeared between the years (2001 – 2004) in collaboration with DJ Booking Agency from Austria and BPM Beat Promotion from Warsaw. UMT Project released two remixes for known arabic singers as (Amr Diab – “Feek Kull Alkalam” and Samira Said – “Eurobica”). UMT Project ranked at number 52 on “THE DJ LIST” under the category of House Music.

In 2004 AFROJOCKERS was founded. Up-to-date they are resident DJs at SHINE Club Cracow & Partners with DJ Magazine / DEEJAY MIX CLUB and on a tour around Poland, United Kindom, Germany, Ukraine and Sudan promoting thier own production, EDM and Future House music.

Afrojockers played LIVE on big stages with Stars as : Global DJ’s, Tom Boxer ft. Morena, Mike Candy, Michael Mind, Denzel, Alex Bau, Coco Fay, Steve Murano, Dirty Rush & Gregor ES, DJ INOX, Skytech, DJ Roko, BREAM, V1R00Z, Angello Mike, Wet Fingers, Mafia Mike, DJ Adamus, Harasim, Robert Leszczynski (RIP), Marcin Czubała, Alien X, Flor, Vincent Vik , Julian Ressieve, Adam Toxic, Georgina Tarasiuk, Aretha Chmiel, Magnetig, Kolina , Krist Van D, Nick Sinckler, Bart B, Mad Mike Fire Guitar, Krzysztof Sandecki, Marek Krupa, Ferh.Sound, Benny G, ESKEY DJ, Mr. ONE, Bart Qukx, Areg V, NOIZEE, ZIBI and others.

Afrojockers performs also in Open Air Festivals like: Audio Lake, May Raj, PK Rajd, The Great Orchestra of Charity XIV Final, PAH, A.K.O.N UJ, Juvenalia University of Economics, DJ Day Poland, Congress Center ICE Krakow and others. They broadcast many live sets at 101 Vision FM, Radio Mango 96 FM Khartoum (Sudan), Radio La Paz (Bolivia), Radio Live Session (Venezuela), Radio Planeta , Radio Eska, Radio STO, Radio Record and Internet radio in poland and abroad.

Jakub Banaś ,Polish musician, DJ, Remixer and Record Producer, better known by his stage name V1r00z , he was born and raised in Cracow.

He developed an interest in music at an early age and started his career as a DJ in 2000 touring around Poland and as a Producer in 2003.

Jakub’s influences includes Brooklyn Bounce, Aquagen, 666, ATB, Alice Deejay.

V1r00z & T-Project released “See it again” In 2006, which launched him into the second place in the competition “Make your own music”, organized by the legendery Club “Energy 2000” in Poland.  The track reached many clubs and Cities around Europe where it was often played by Dj’s and he was back with the new hit “Funeral Song”In 2008.

V1r00z released many new tracks which were played Live on radio stations such as RMF MAXX, Viva Channel and played by artists as Bass T and Aquagen, as well as his songs were used as a Sountrack to some TV shows on TVP/Poland.

V1r00z worked on many projects such as Polish Rumble, Gladiator Project, Desti, Infected Bros, Lighter Than Light and collaborated with many producers from diffrent countries.

He co-produced with many well known DJ’s as , M brother , DJ Adamus , Beattraax ,
T-project (Escoo) , Candy Girl.

V1r00z attended many big event since that times and today he playes with DJ’s as Alex Red, Benny G, Deniz uygur, Javier Arellano, Maniana, Neros, Namteh, Gabriel Delgado, Dj Raphael, Dj Rymu and many more.

In early 2016 V1r00z and Afrojockers met in Poland and started a new music Collaborations. They produced the track “Love you anymore”  which was officially released in January 2017 by the German Record lebal “KHB Records”.

The track is played worldwide on different radio shows and clubs around the globe.
Today V1r00z is a resident DJ at Shine Club Cracow and Club 30, one of the biggest clubs in Cracow / Poland.