Alchemist Project & TATTONE feat. Angie

Alchemist Project & TATTONE feat. Angie

The Duet Alchemist was founded by Rasinski brothers at the end of 90’s. In 2004 Roland and Radek Rasinski signed their first cotract with Spanish Label ( Dubplate Records) and they released their first vinyl single “City of Angels”.

In 2005 the duet changed their name from Alchemist into Alchemist Project and released two other singles in the same, Spanish label: ‘ I’m hypnotized” and ” Find A Better Place” released as Housefinderz. The same year Alchemist Project started collaration with PLAY Publishing and they sold 60.000 CDs with their works, they were known as:
“City Of Angels”, “Alchemist Project In The Mix Vol.1 ‘ and  Alchemist Project In The Mix vol.2”.

In 2006 roku Alchemist Project released another vinyl called “The Hottest Stuff” in German Records – BE-52. At the end of 2006 Rasinski brothers published “Krishna”, in 2007 they released such hits as: “Music Is My Extasy” and “Viva Carnival” that one could find on their first LP called “Music Is My Extasy” published by Universal Music Polska . Additionally at the same time Alchemist Project were creating music for  Grovebusterz and made a good remix for Casteam called “I don’t”. Year 2008 was successful with a single “Rhythm Of The Night” and “Tell Me”.  “Viva Carnival” was presented to over 350.000 public. They performed together with a vocalist -Angie (Anna Turska). Alchemist Project is known of their good remixes such as:  “How can I love you” -Anthony Moon or “We Can Dance “- Exaited. In 2009 Rasinski brothers finish collaboration with their former label and founded their own –  Alchemist Project Entertainment (

The single ” Music is my extasy 2017″ will release on KHB Music / XWaveZ in July 2017!