DJ Combo & DJ Merk ft. Timi Kullai

DJ Combo & DJ Merk ft. Timi Kullai

DJ Combo (Grzegorz Tarnik) – multitalented music producer, ghost producer and dj (since 2002).
In last 4 years Grzegorz has released over 70 singles, 25 ghost productions, 30 remixes for other artists and 3 albums.
Grzegorz is able to produce music in different genres in top quality and style.

Credit artists : Loona, Geo Da Silva, Tony T, Iwona Wêgrowska, Mr. Shammi, Big Daddi, Alba Kras, Papajam, Julia Jaroszewska, Shainy El Brillante, Danilo Orsini, Donnie Ozone, MC Duro, DJ Samuel Kimko, Housecrusherzzz, DJ Sanny J, Jason Parker, Fabian DelGrosso, Maureen Sky Jones, Stella Kazarian, Nadia, Discoman, SANDER-7

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DJ MERK from Italy

Dj Merk Facebook :

Timi Kullai is a professional performing artist; singer, pianist, actress, model, anchor. She is known for her colorful, extravaganza style. The vocal range of her dramatic voice spans more than 3 octaves, and the core of this drama is the fact her black throat and African-American soul is trapped in a white body.

Her style is based on the spirit of the 80’s / 90’s, culminating in various African-American music genres. Through the years, the biggest impact for her has been MIRKO. One of her biggest idols is Indie Arie. Her favorite bands are Earth, Wind & Fire, Starpoint, Change, Midnight Star and The System. Other inspirations include Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Lori Glori, Tania Evans, Penny Ford, Jellybean.

In 2003, she tried herself in the first series of talent contest Hungarian Idol, in order to pursue her music career.

In 2010, she became a finalist of the first series of talent contest X-Factor where she received a nickname “Hungarian Tina Turner” (later “Timi Turner”) from his fans. Because of her gruff, metallic voice, the show presented her to the masses with powerful songs.

In 2012, during the last (6th) series of Hungarian Idol, she got to be known by a wider range of the Hungarian audience. With her naturality and love towards humans, she quickly earned the support of her followers. Since X-Factor, her Timi Turner nickname has grown on her even more. She performed songs such as “Good Luck” (Basement Jaxx) and “Free Your Mind” (En Vogue) which became her signature songs in the Hungarian music scene. During this contest, she had the chance to perform with one of the biggest stars of the 2010’s, Flo-Rida, performing his most famous song “Good Feeling” together with him.

In 2016, she landed a role as a guest singer and frontwoman of the robot band Real Giana Brothers, becoming the conduit between earthlings and aliens. Without doubt, this has been one of her most exclusive experience so far; she had a hard time getting used to sing and dance among these ultra-elaboratedly pre-programmed, LED-costumed robots. She became familiar with genres like chiptune, synthwave and nintendocore. With Real Giana Brothers, she opened for Anna & The Barbies and Wellhello, two of the most hype groups in Hungary. She had the chance to perform at A38 Ship, Akvarium as well as Hungexpo, opening for the international event series called Video Games Live. The reason why she could identify with this band so much was the fact that the mission of the robots were harmonizing with her goals: to face humanity with itself, and to warn it about some possible, dangerous outcomes of its behavior.

In 2017, following her dreams, she dived into the sea of creativity again, starting to bring up these innocent and clean values from the bottom of her heart. It seemed like fate – along with her partner – had been helping her; at that time, MIRKO had already become her producer as well. The medleys they recorded together performed well on various eurodance and 90s pages of different social media sites, spreading the fame of the Hungarian singer like wildfire both among original eurodance performers / producers and many 90s fans as well. Many people declared she really did something unique which was a clear sign of her courage. They started touring with this cover show in the summertime. The second half of the year meant a confirmation for her; accelerating the events, Washington DC born, Billboard No.1. rapper Bernard Greene (AKA B.G. The Prince Of Rap) asked her to sing on his upcoming album. They released their first single called “Never Give Up” in October. Following this tune, she was hired by the label DMN Records led by Chrizz Morisson, giving her constant works. She immediately caught attention of various producers who wanted to work with her. One of her first singles at this label was “Let’s Get Up”, featuring Shalamon Baskin (AKA Lightwarrior), released in November. The track climbed up very quickly on German and Belgian charts, getting a position between artists, such as Justin Timberlake, Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris or Kygo. Meanwhile she participated as a guest singer in Soul Attraction where she could perform with the vocalist of the legendary Weather Girls, Ingrid Arthur, as well as with Telma Lincoln, Johnny K. Palmer and Herby Shaw.

In 2018, she continued working with B.G. The Prince Of Rap, releasing singles after singles, like “You’ll Be Mine”, “So Special” (which she sang alongside Pamela O’Neal) and “Once You Have Me”. After this series of success across Europe, some doors from overseas started to open: the most honorable invitation she has ever received so far came from one of the most renowned guitarists in the USA, Sheldon Reynolds, who worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind & Fire for 8 years. Sheldon asked her to sing “Best of My Love”, the biggest hit of The Emotions. She started communicating with Michael “Turbo” Chambers (AKA Boogaloo Shrimp), personal choreographer of Michael Jackson and lead actor of cult movies Breakin’ (1984) and Breakin’ 2 – Electric Boogaloo (1984). Boogaloo Shrimp and his manager, Anthony Mabin (AKA Antron) has been working on a new movie, and asked her to participate as lead singer. The other star of the Breakin’ fame, Adolfo “Ozone” Quinones (AKA Shabba Doo), tour choreographer of Chaka Khan, Madonna and Lionel Richie), also noticed her talents and asked her to sing lead on his upcoming trilogy called “Funk Shway” with upcoming artists, such as Porscha Coleman and J-Cast. Polish producer pair DJ Combo and DJ Martz asked her to become their singer, resulting in a song “Bright Side of Life” which she wrote with MIRKO.

Genres: 80s disco, contemporary RnB, EDM (eurodance, future house, tropical), funk, hi-score, pop, soul, synthwave

Instruments: acoustic and electric piano, microphone

Years active: 2001-

Labels: DMN Records, Fight4Future Records, Redlight Media, Thump Records

Associated Acts: Antron, B.G. The Prince Of Rap, Boogaloo Shrimp, Chrizz Morisson, DJ Combo & DJ Martz, Free 2 Night, Freeze, Lightwarrior, Nathan Reynolds III, Pamela O’Neal, Porscha Coleman, Shabba Doo, Troy Anderson, Will G, MIRKO, Real Giana Brothers
Motto: “I’m passionate about my work, in love with my family and dedicated to spread love and peace all over the world.”