DJ Combo feat. Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman De Vries & DJ Raphael

DJ Combo feat. Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman De Vries & DJ Raphael

DJ Combo
(Grzegorz Tarnik) from Czestochowa in Poland is a dj with 15 years of experience and over 2000 events played.

He is resident of the best club “Disco Ray“ located on the south of Poland. From a small child he attended private lessons in piano and synthesizers . At age 14, he took 2nd place in the national competition playing on synthesizers.

Since two years he took up music production and started making his own songs. He has already released over 20 singles which were very successfull in Europe and all over the world and also took high places on different charts. DJ Combo creates music in different genres like : dance, pop, melbourne bounce, club, latin, rnb. He has also made official remixes for artists like Loona, Samuel Kimko, DJ Sanny J, Housecrusherz and many polish artists. He’s dream is to work with many artists on music and making songs that djs and people will like all over the world and to live from music.


Rhythm, melody and soul are deeply rooted within the heart of Tony T. With parents from Jamaica, his cradle stood in London and he took his first dance steps in Brooklyn, New York. With a guitar he received at the age of five, he played along to the soundtrack of “Grease”, the first movie he ever went to see. This is where he discovered his desire to entertain crowds.

As the 80’s break dance scene emerged in New York, Tony T. developed his skills at writing rap lyrics and dancing. At the age of 14, he had already begun Deejaying parties. Two years later, in 1986 he moved to Germany, where within in a matter of four weeks he was hired on as a resident DJ at club Gaslight.

It was during this time when Tony T. joined forces with his first team of German producers, where together they formed the project titled “Beat System” launching their first hit single “Fresh” which set the European music charts on fire. Being featured on more than 60 songs during the 90’s, Tony T.’s lyrics and sound became an integral part of what is now defined as Euro dance music.

From 1997 to 2006, he took on various songwriting and vocal jobs, at the same time refining his vocal skills as a Jazz, Blues and Reggae singer, not yet knowing that he would soon be bringing his Jamaican vocal sound to a project that would impact the dance music world.
Within a year, Tony T. was traveling from studio to studio, lending his vocal talents to various music productions, including appearing on Micha Moor’s, 2007 hit single “Space”, while at the same time continuing to work as an MC and DJ at numerous clubs throughout Europe. In late 2007, Tony T. joined forces with a second team of German producers, creating the sound that has become known around the world as “R.I.O.” Their first hit single “Shine On”, became the explosive summer hit of 2008, followed by “After The Love”, “Miss Sunshine”, “Like I Love You”, “Hot Girl” and “When The Sun Comes Down”, to name a few. As the frontman for R.I.O., Tony T. toured more than 50 countries, bringing crowds together for an unforgettable energetic musical experience. Now, in early 2012 Tony T. is launching his solo music career, collaborating with top producers from around the world, with a new single set to be released this Spring. More information on, for imediate booking click on.

Alba Kras had her first spontaneous appearance at the age of four. The young singer, songwriter and dancer wanted to perform with the band of her father at the time and sang Albanian hits as well as the film music Titanic “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. Born in Germany, the young Mannheimerin with Kosovo-Albanian roots knew already at this tender age that she wanted to make her life-long music. She then had one performance after another and participated successfully in every workshop. For the past three years she has her own band called “Alien Anatomy”, which she has already played in Instanbul and will soon release her second EP.

In 2006, with her dance group, she became a German master in Hip Hop Freestyle. A year later she won the song “Because of you” at her school “Die Gesangstalentshow” at the age of 13.

Through her talent, she won a singing scholarship in 2012. Up until this time, she had already over 200 vocal performances with the rapper Caspar and Pink Floyd. She plays guitar and also writes her own songs. She is also a full-blooded dancer and also participated in the Bollywood film “Spark” and the Mannheim film “Faked Skillz”.

In 2013 she graduated from high school, because education is very important to Alba. In addition to her social commitment, she concentrates fully on the music. This year she got to know the singer and songwriter Tony T, who had been able to manage them since then and with whom she was allowed to rock stage worldwide. They work with Djs around the world and with their “Want u now” feature, the song reached over 2 million clicks on Youtube.

Alba is a nature fighter, knows what she wants and lives for her passion. She has a lot of love, strength and time in her music and loves to share it with other people around the world. Their own song “Plain Talking” was broadcast in the very well-known TV show “Zone e lire” in Albania. So far, she has released a lot of songs, many of them with Tony T and other videos and songs are planned, as well as her first album you can look forward to. They are currently traveling around the world. You can also look forward to more from Alba.

Sherman de Vries also known as Ice (@icefromsxm on social media) (born July 13, 1990) is a mixing/mastering engineer and a record producer born in Sint Maarten with Father from the Netherlands and Mother from Aruba.His works got placed as the Billboard Chart Toppers of 2010, with around 5 songs in the same week in the top 20 charts including position 1 and 2. He has worked with several signed artists and producers on Record labels like Universal Records, Sony Music,Spinning Records etc.[2] He has worked with musicians like Shaggy (musician), Juicy J, I-Octane, Flo Rida, Demarco (musician) etc.[3][4

DJ Raphael

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