DJ Combo & Maureen Sky Jones

DJ Combo & Maureen Sky Jones

DJ Combo (Grzegorz Tarnik) – multitalented music producer, ghost producer and dj (since 2002).

In last 4 years Grzegorz has released over 100 singles, 25 ghost productions, 30 remixes for other artists and 2 albums. Grzegorz is able to produce music in different genres in top quality.

Credit artists : Loona, Geo Da Silva, Tony T, Iwona Wêgrowska, Mr. Shammi, Big Daddi, Alba Kras, Papajam, Julia Jaroszewska, Shainy El Brillante, Danilo Orsini, Donnie Ozone, MC Duro, DJ Samuel Kimko, Housecrusherzzz, DJ Sanny J, Jason Parker, Fabian DelGrosso, Maureen Sky Jones, Stella Kazarian, Nadia, Discoman, SANDER-7

Popular singles and remixes by DJ Combo :

DJ Combo ft Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman De Vries & DJ Raphael – Happy People

Combo & Sherman de Vries ft. Tony T & Alba Kras – Be My Lover

DANILO ORSINI & DJ COMBO feat Shainy El Brillante – La Conocí Bailando

DJ Combo & Papajam ft. Tony T & Dj Raphael – Boom Boom

Geo Da Silva & Dj Combo – Disco Inferno 2k18

Maureen Sky Jones ( Ma³gorzata Staszak) is a Polish singer-songwriter from O³awa. In 1996 Margaret as a little girl was noticed by the music teachers in primary and secondary school, so she took part in Singing Poetry Competition, the Festivals of Music Competitions . During her first year of high school, she began to pursue a career in music . A singer grew up listening to gospel music and sang in her local churchas a child. Aside from being known for her vocal ability, music videos and image, musically, she includes themes of dealing with public scrutiny, her childhood, and female empowerment in her music. As a child she played with simple software to create music, which made her great satisfaction.

To this day many Maureen’s songs are hidden in a drawer. Growing up she realized that music is an integral part of her soul. She trained with local live bands, including the East End of Nowy Sacz. Except for music, dance and drawing portraits became a part of her passion, which can be viewed on the websites. Maureen S.J. works in many project and she is open for a new kinds of music-She describes her sound as a combination of trance ,house, electro, pop and soft rock . Personally, She prefers to combine styles to create something individual. Her heart beats to the rhythm of pianos, sound of guitars, violins and live instruments in combination with a modern sound. Also she loves trance music and in future she would like to create a beautiful trance song .

The singer has an interesting tone of voice, she naturally moves in the low and high levels. Voice od M.S.J is pleasant light, bright and sometimes can show the power.

In the years 2009-2011, with STJ and Inusa Dawuda, who relased famous hit „Digi Digi …“-they recorded „Get crazy“; with Passeck she relased „Never be alone“,(My Music) , and together with Martinio ( Marcin Schulz) they created song „Searching For You (Eska Live Remix)“- ( AP Music), and that single was in Eska Radio’s chart; with „One Existence“ she wrote several chillout ’s, which she sang live at clubs, including the song „Fall In Love“.

2011 – „Independent Girls“ – Maureen Sky Jones . AP Music record label (Alchemist Project) was released her solo single with many remixes (original music by Maciej Matysiak)

2013- “I Believe In Love”- Gabriel Delgado feat. M.S.J (video) (Antidoto Records). Wonderfull love many remixes.