DJ Nicolas, DJ Combo & Sander-7

DJ Nicolas, DJ Combo & Sander-7

DJ Nicolas – Maltese Nicola, born in USA, living in Italy – dj & music producer.

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DJ Combo (Grzegorz Tarnik) – multitalented music producer, ghost producer and dj (since 2002).

In last 5 years Grzegorz has released over 100 singles, 25 ghost productions, 30 remixes for other artists and 4 albums. Grzegorz is able to produce music in different genres in top quality and style.

DJ Combo had many top 10 hits in various countries across the Europe. His song have over 15 milions views on youtube and over 4 milion streams on Spotify.

Credit artists : Loona, Geo Da Silva, Tony T, Fisher, Iwona Wêgrowska, Mr. Shammi, Big Daddi, Alba Kras, Papajam, Julia Jaroszewska, Shainy El Brillante, Danilo Orsini, Donnie Ozone, MC Duro, DJ Samuel Kimko, Housecrusherzzz, DJ Sanny J, Jason Parker, Fabian DelGrosso, Maureen Sky Jones, Stella Kazarian, Nadia, Discoman, SANDER-7

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Sander-7 (Mateusz Smoter) – music producer & dj from Poland.

He has started music prodcution in 2017. In the same year he has meet Grzegorz Tarnik (DJ Combo) and from that time, he is making music together with DJ Combo.
On the name DJ Combo & Sander-7, Mateusz & Grzegorz has produced & released 27 singles.

Their songs gained popularity by the people. They have reached near 400 000 streams for their songs on streaming platforms.
DJ Combo & Sander-7 are trying to make their brand popular in the world, working still on new music.

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