Fabbro Feat. Angel Falls

Fabbro Feat. Angel Falls


Fabbro (formerly known as DJ KVL) began his passion as a music producer in 2000. He has been distinguished as a remixer of Techno – Trance music. However, searching for musical style which would satisfy his musical message best, he found the one – CHILLOUT. Composing music is the escape from everyday life for him. His music reflects the emotions and feelings … Delicate and tension building sounds are features of his music … Listen and check yourself!



Angel Falls (Agnieszka Wasilewska) comes from Poland. She is a singer in: chillout, trance, house, pop music. From an early age music accompanies her every day. As a child, she tried her strength at festivals where she gained leading positions.

Her way of her own career in electronic music began two years ago. The first song was “I’m Waiting” – then the name Angel Falls was created. Since then, a musical collaboration with musicians from all over the world does not end.

Agnieszka is the author of texts of her songs. Inspiration for lyrics she draws from life and her own experiences. Music is her greatest passion. Agnieszka likes to sing songs which are peaceful, relaxing, having a message for the soul and heart. Currently she is writing a book about music, how it affected her life and how great is its significance.

For several months she has been the lead singer in the group Cassea with Kamil Mokrzanowski and Luke Sawczuk and they have been working on their first joint album.

Her musical goal is to find even a small audience to share emotions and feelings that flow from the inside.

Her motto is: “Music is the key”, “Music is like the wind, I don’t see it but I feel it”.