Ian Turner vs. Tony T

Ian Turner vs. Tony T

Ian Turner ( DJ / Producer / Remixer )

Ian Turner started his career in 1994 as part of a studioproject called “modern culture”. In 1996 they participated at the dance final of the up´n away music search – the first official countrywide music contest in germany . During the same year he started to DJ.  First milestones were gigs at EINSLIVE-Partyservice and Ö3 Partytour.

In 1999 he founded the musicproduction duo Turner and Margin with his pal margin.  Under this constellation they won 2001 the german dance contest and released their first song “PAIN” (Zyx).

During the next years Ian focused on his DJ career and played on locations and gigs all over Europe.  He is comfortable with every style of electronic music from deep house to trance and played all kind of locations from small clubs till festivals.

In 2014 he relaunched his music production with his pal margin again and they released their next song PIZZAGIRL (For play recordings).

Since then he made several more remixes which also entered the german DDC charts.

In 2016 he will  release his first Single “Tonight” with the Singer Tony T.  – well known from the successful project R.I.O. .


Booking references (selection):

EINSLIVE PARTYSERVICE, Ö3 Partytour (AT), Bochum Beats Festival, Farah´s Cala D`Or (Mallorca/ES), Punta Arabi (Ibiza/ES), Club Bermondsey (EN), Vision Hofgastein (AT), Bluna / Nachtschicht Rattenberg (AT), Dicsostadl Hofgastein (AT), Roi Soleil St.Moritz (CH), Deutsche Schule Den Haag (NL), White Club (LUX), Meilenwerk Berlin, CenterParcs (NL/DE), Thomas Cook (Club Aldiana TR/ES), Wartburg Wiesbaden, Dragon Club Cologne, Apollo Cologne, MTC Cologne, Eishalle Leverkusen, Forum Leverkusen,  Jazzgalerie Bonn, Airport Weeze, Radstadion Cologne, Smidtarena Leverkusen, Phillipshalle Düsseldorf, Südseeparc Xanten, Stadthalle Wesel, Seidenweberhaus Krefeld, Rotes Krokodil Mönchengladbach, MaximilianPark Hamm, EMS Halle Emstetten, Stadthalle Remscheid, Luise-Albertz-Halle Oberhausen, Musicaldome Cologne, MagicMedia Studios Cologne, NOB Studios Cologne

Support for Yves Deruyter, Marc Brain, Mike Litt, Piet Blank, Blank&Jones, Gigi D`Agostino and many more

Live Radioshows:



  • Pain (Zyx)
  • Pizzagirl (For Play Recordings)
  • Take me away (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Olè (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • So in love with you (Soundsunited/Remix) #30DDC
  • Strike it up (Soundsunited/Remix)  #13 DDC
  • Live my dream (KHB/Remix)
  • Vuelo (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Da beat goes 2K16 (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Dancing in the moonlight (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Believe (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Do U mine (KHB/Remix)
  • Here we go again (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Party Hard (KHB/Remix)
  • Ella elle l ´a (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Higher State of consciousness (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • There were times (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Jealousy (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Back in Time (KHB/Remix)
  • Ride like the wind (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Supernova (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Chasing Cars (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Bakerstreet (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • IOU (Soundsunited/Remix)
  • Lift me up (Soundcube/Remix)
  • Tonight (XWAveZ / KHB)

…to be continued