Mark Ganesh & DJ Preacher

Mark Ganesh & DJ Preacher

Two Artists that know each other since the late 90ies. Worked together in many ways for Hustler-House (DJing and Venue Owner), Soundhunter (Bookingagency Owners), and different other Venues such as different Radioshows in the late 90ies… just to get together as Producers and DJs nowerdays…


Mark Ganesh (Germany) is a Producer, Remixer and DJ. His Sound is groovy and deep. Many Charts entries go meanwhile to his name. His music is a mixture of Feeling, experiences and old memories from former time. Many different Labels are working together with him, and he produced a lot of Remixes for a lot of other national and international Artists. He is presented on many Labels and Compilations.

DJPreacher is DJ since 16Years and played all over Europe, especially on Ibiza, and on big Festivals like Loveparade, Nature One and Ruhr in Love. He is one Part of Instant Move and a DJ with many facettes. He is one Part of Instant Move a DanceAct, and has been CoProducing as „Sons of Mr. Miyagi“ in the Minimal-Tech-Scene from 2009-2010

Together they wanna rock the world.

Chart Hit – Bad Indian (Mark Ganesh & DJ Preacher)

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