Oskar Jay feat. Klaudia Jędrzejewska

Oskar Jay feat. Klaudia Jędrzejewska

“I don’t need a fanpage on Facebook because I’m nobody special in the newest period of EDM world. I am the same as you but a little busy… that’s all”  … Oskar Jay

Oskar Jay (Oskar Janik) is a 22 years old music producer. The history of his music career started when he was 8 years old. His adventure with music began with playing the piano. Later, thanks to his vocal skills discovered in secondary school, he took part in a lot of singing contests in Sucha Beskidzka – the city where he was born. After high school he decided to study in Cracow English Philology in Buisness. During his studies period he met a lot of interesting people who showed him his new passion – music producing. 6 years of hard work with Fruity Loops (FL Studio) software allowed himself to enter the world of music business. Actually, Oskar Jay is a polish country representative of TronTronic Entertainment – independent electronic dance music label based in Liestal (Switzerland).

The genres of music he represents are classic house, deep house, tribal house … However, he still works on his music style by listening a new songs of his favourite music producers.


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Bookings/Remix Requests/Info: oskar.andrzej.janik@gmail.com

Klaudia Jędrzejewska is a vocalist from Poland.

She is practising for more than 10 years, taking classes at various music schools. Currently she has a personal coach who is using SLS techniques that allowed her to improve vocal skills even more.

Klaudia has a high soprano voice, but very powerful, and familiar high-pitched sounds like Mariah Carey’s pitch. In her spare time she is also writing lyrics and is able to sets out her own melody lines with any instrumental music.

She finds herself in a number of musical genres from jazz, R&B, house and electronic music.

Over the last five years she was singing with cover bands, taking part in music projects around Europe.

Klaudia also participated in polish TV shows such as The Voice of Poland, Poland’s Got Talent.

The latest musical project of Klaudia Jedrzejewska is “I Know”:

There are also several versions remixes:

Bartek Zięzio FRAGMENT-


Robert Gajgier remix:


Some of the latest covers:

Flume- Never Be Like You:


Duke Dumont- The Giver

Etta James- I’d rather go blind: