Rafael Maur

Rafael Maur

His adventure with music in early childhood, in his later primary school years he used every opportunity to have fun on amateur equipment with older friends. This passion has grown and developed throughout his high school years, playing at all events possible, such as discos and gigs.

At the tender age of 16 years he already had the pleasure to present himself at the club. Even before his 18 birthday you could hear his work in Polish clubs, he has also had a chance to play at events in which the following celebrities participated: Marc Van Linden, The Nycer feat. Deeci Peran Van Dijk, Dj Omen Dj Sopran and many other celebrities whom he admires. Due to this he has had tremendous opportunities to hear many valuable tips and advice.
Shortly after he turned eighteen he travelled to Germany where he undertook the work, however, he always remained faithful to music and in his every free moment devoted himself to perfecting his skills. He has taken advantage of every possible opportunity to present himself to the public by playing in clubs in Germany. The next steps he has taken were in the Netherlands, which were presenting at local clubs. Half-way through 2013, he moved to the UK where he is currently working on his style and technique. He is a frequent guest of the club once (IMPERIUM) now Fantasy in Slough.

Having had the opportunity to play for such a diverse audience across Poland, Germany, Holland, England and Tunisia, he remains faithful to the many varieties of HOUSE music.

From 2016 Has begun music production and has created:
Rafael Maur -She Came
Rafael Maur- Let’s Get
Rafael Maur&Patrick B- Make Me Crazy
Gregor S &Rafael Maur- Make Me Wonder
Gregor S& Rafael Maur- Try
and more…