Seelay, Amirali & Dj Payman

Seelay, Amirali & Dj Payman

Seelay was born in Tehran (Iran)in 1980. His father, himself a professional musician and
singer, soon recognized his son’s talent for rhythm. With his father’s support Seelay was
on stage with two years already. It was the start of his musical career. Seelay perfected his
skills in playing percussion and learned a broader range of instruments until the age of
eight. He embraces new instruments by trying to understand it’s specific principles and
characteristics and forms them to his own way of playing it.

Seelay and Amirali accompanied almost every singer and musician in the Persian music
business. International tours and concerts gave them a feeling for the qualities of different
artists and their songs.

Seelay composes and arranges his music himself. Internationally he composed and
arranged on varying jobs and worked as a vocal coach. With his best friend Amirali who
was born in Tehran 1978 too, Seelay started a international Musicproject named ONE
LOVE. Amirali is a professional Rapper and Dancer. They compose Songs with English
and Persian Lyrics. 99 % This two guys makes Partysongs. Their dream is to bring
different Countries together. So they named this project
ONE LOVE . We are all one.