The Shrink Reloaded & Phil Giava ft. Branko

The Shrink Reloaded & Phil Giava ft. Branko

The Shrink was established in 1998 by Ronald Fiolet and Henri Lookers. First release was
Nervous Breakdown on Nutrition Records. It became instantly a #1 hit in the UK by the likes and
support of Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Moby and many more A-list dj’s. By now it’s a classic.

The Shrink (Reloaded) released in total twenty releases and all became international top10
dance chartings. ‘Are you ready to party’ became in 2000 a #1 UK club- and dancehit again and even charted the
UK single Top 40!

In total The Shrink sold more then 15 million compilations worldwide and became a worldwide
known brand in the music industry.

In 2010 The Shrink even became the 7th best artist in the Music Week Year Chart UK!

In 2012 Phil Giava joined Ronald and produced some remakes of old Shrink successes like
‘Wicked’, ‘Pump it up’ and ‘Are you ready to party’. WWBW is the final one of this series.