Tony T feat. Infinity Djs

Tony T feat. Infinity Djs

Tony T Multitalented) Neal A. D. aka Rio was born in London.

At the age of 5, he got his first guitar shortly after In 1978 his family finally moved to went to Brooklyn New York. As a child He use to hear his mother play and sing reggae music.
He continued his musical training, discovering the breakdance culture, and learning how to rapp and sing on a stages in Brooklyn New York.

Around 1981, Tony’s Mom left New York to settle to Germany. She wanted to have a situation comfortable enough. Tony was the last of 3 children to leave New York, because he prefered finishing his studies there, rather than having to go to school in Germany.

Tony arrived to Germany and startet working as a Dj and M.C. at the age of 16. he also started recording music (he contributed to more than 200 releases). “And I won’t stop as he says. Hey says music is his life.

He became rapper and Songwriter for many eurodance projects in Italy (mainly produced by Fulvio Zafret) and Germany (for the labels Insania Records and Dance Master Records). He started touring in 1994, doing more than 100 shows a year.

he started to get famous when he became a member of the project Beat System. He collaborated with various female vocalists (Martina Sres, Patty, Jay Babe, G. Fascina…). The project released 5 singles, under Intercord label, and an album entitled Refreshiator. On the single Fresh, he teamed with Janet P. (aka Jay Babe), who was at this time an English student. there Song Fresh went #1 in Croatia, #9 in France, #36 for 18 weeks in Germany.

Tony T was and still is one of the best djs & Party M.Cs out there, he is one of the only D.J.s who can dj, sing, rapp, and that with many voices and styles

Tony currently lives in Germany) He still does music, and tours in clubs worldwide . he knows he will come back : “I have been waiting my whole life to show the world what i can do !” he says.

In 2008, he started collaborating with the project R.I.O. .Their single Shine On was a huge hit, topping dance charts world wide. They went on in 2009 with the single When The Sun Comes Down, then came:R.I.O Like I Love you – R.I.O Miss Sunshine- R.I.O One Heart- R.I.O Turn this club around, R.I.O Party animal.

2012 : in March, after 5 years of touring through over 50 countries Tony announced that he was leaving RIO and was starting a new solo carreer.

2013 : with already 11 featurings only for 2013, Tony confirms his status of one of nowadays most respected wanted singers and rappers. A few of the songs he featured on that year were: BodyBangers- Breaking the Ice, Bodybangers- Break My Stride, Sasha Lopez- Beautiful life Modana- Crazy, Mike Candys- Everybody, Robert M Feat Tony T & Akon- Famous,

Tony T will still be on Tour as Tony T where he will still sing his songs Like, Shine on, like I love you, Miss Sunshine Mike and many more of his hits including the new ones.

From 2013 -2017 he has featured on such tracks as: Alba Kras & Tony T’’Happy People’’ Jan Turner & Tony T ‚‘Tonight’’, Jan Turner & Tony T“#1“ , Tony T & Alba Kras “Life“ , Jan Turner & Tony T “Creator“ , Soulwash “NO Games“. , Sasha Lopez “Beautiful Life“ Dj Combo & Papajam Feat Tony T “Boom Boom“ ,Mike Candys “Everybody“ Johan K featAlba Kras & Tony T “Summer Summer“ & “Do it“ D Records feat Tony T “Like a Bomba“ and many more

His show includes one or two freestyle songs, and a BeatBox freestyle. Its like he says, every show is different and must be different because he loves to entertain people.


Witty Martin and Ismael Sanchez are true music lovers at the service of the most expressive electronics, enthusiasts of the technique and new challenges. They have been captivating the most cosmopolitan audience for over ten years with their ability to remove musical emotions inside and outside the dance tracks. Reaching being recognized as one of the best formations in Spain. INFINITY DJS have conquered the most important booths in Spain.

His connection with the public is born every afternoon on the Flamenco FM Extraflaix program and on Thursday + Friday at Flaix Mallorca, on his own radio show. Becoming one of the best national radio shows.
A fresh, detailed and uncomplicated style marks both his productions and his sessions, which in the last year have shaken the dance floors more than a hundred times.
More than ten years of experience endorses them as versatile and inexhaustible artists who promise to continue surprising every day with their commitment to a creative sound that does not understand limits.

They began their musical career more than 15 years ago, deceived by the magic of radio and production. This leads them to visit the booths of the most emblematic clubs in countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Kazakhstan, Reunion Islands, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, and a long etc … crossing borders and captivating a plural and cosmopolitan audience.

We highlight, his collaborations and remixes to artists of the likes of Sean Paul, Juan Magan, Guru Josh, Mike Candys, Tapo & Raya, Carlos Gallardo, Javi Reina, Victor Magan, Rebeka Brown, ect …
They have been published by the most important labels in the world such as: ULTRA MUSIC, SONY, CLIPPERS SOUND, UNIVERSAL, WHITE & BLACK, and many others.