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Out Now! Boom Boom (REMIXES) – DJ Combo, Papajam, Tony T & DJ Raphael

Boom Boom (REMIXES) – DJ Combo, Papajam, Tony T & DJ Raphael are you ready for the new carnival season?

Check out this awesome new remixes and get into the carnival groove!

„Boom Boom“ is a top Latin-Dance track with a catchy chorus and energetic verses, sang by the excitingly seductive singer of the Slovak Dance project Papajam, Jana Kováčiková & Multitalented veteran Tony T., who had a worldwide summer hit with „Shine On“ in 2008 as the frontman of “R.I.O.”. Tony refines the track with his typical Jamaican vocal sound and just fills it with happiness.

„Boom Boom“ is hot like the brazilian carnival and has got everything what an international hit needs to have ! So get up and dance to this unique song!

The single also contains great remixes in different styles from trendy producers like Alessio Pras , V1r00z, T.j.t Squad & Power Project X Candycrash .

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