Hella Donna, the well-known, expressive and modern pop band from Saxony, will release their fourth album after almost two years. “Unbreakable” sounds even more up-to-date and more poppy than the previous albums, but also deeper, more emotional and more varied.
The LP features 12 groovy rock-pop tracks with trendy electro, house and RnB elements. A perfect companion for the soulful and expressive vocals of front woman Anika Karabas. The voice of the 26 year old Hella Donna singer conveyed perfectly the emotion and passion of the lyrics.
In addition to powerful pop songs such as “X-Ray” and “Sugar Coated Arrows” and pop dance tracks like the single “Gimme – Lights, Camera, Action” and “Destroy”, the new CD also offers very emotional and minimalist ballads. “I Believe” and “Faceless In Shadow” ensure genuine goosebumps. Of course they also have rock songs as “Brand New Beat” and “Free Yourself” as usual.

A special highlight of the album is “Sugar Coated Arrows”. This song has Hella Donna produced together with the Grammy Award winner and remixer Philip Larsen( Manhattan Clique, Kylie Minogue,
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. ). The result is a chart breaking pop number that goes with power and pressure.

“Gimme – Lights, Camera & Action”, the feature with the U.S. rapper None like Joshua was nominated prior to the publication for the coveted music award “Hollywood Music in Media Award”.

The album “Unbreakable” was produced by Sven Hessel (guitarist and head of Hella Donna) in collaboration with various national and international producers such as Philip Larsen, Marcel Sachsenröder, Markus Rieger/Mexxtone and Thomas Heimann-Trosien and following up the award-winning hit album “Groove on”. It will be released on June 27th 2014 on the label KHB Music/ Monopol Records and is distributed by DA Music (D-A-CH) and digital worldwide.