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Teaser-Premiere: Chris Cowley, Steve S. & Decibel RockerZ feat. Denyse LePage – Agent 808

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 AGENT 808 (Release-Date: January 11/2019)
-a love song to a synthesizer(the Roland 808)-is one single and grand tribute to the artists of the early 80ies: The one who will listen carefully will recognize the quotes to the megaacts like Lime (Agent 406), Giorgio Moroder, The Human League, Visage, Felix -and all of it together being recorded with original „Lime“ artist Denyse LePage (who did her first new track in 25 years) as well as usage of the actual synthesizer plus a bassline from hell with beats totally 2019-that`s simply irresistible.
Naturally the title of the song already leaked during the recording and was copied instantly.
Here is THE ORIGINAL for you and only the very best in dance music: Denyse LePage of „Lime“,Chris Cowley, Steve S. from Italy and Decibel Rockerz providing the sensation of the year.
When legendary multi-golden records award winner and Billboard No.1 Denyse LePage teams up with italian superproducer Steve S. and Billboard artist Chris Cowley, as well as the fresh Decibel Rockerz-then your hopes won`t be disappointed and an instant classic emerges!
Agent 808 was recorded at Studio Paysage, Montreal with Bill Gagnon and at WatchYourHead Studio, Germany with Decibel Rockerz.
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