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X-ite Project is back with the Chillout Track “The Sound of Goodbye” – Release on 27.09.2016

The X-ite-Project, by DJ Matthias Peschties, was launched in 2012. The name X-ite Project originates from a fashionable, late 90s, German Club. During the late 90s, Matthias was a resident DJ at the club for many years which unfortunately closed at the end of the 90s. Henceforth, he decided to never work again as a resident DJ in a club and in the wake of this, he rocked countless clubs all over Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2013, the X-ite Project published 7 singles, which managed to place themselves in various dance charts (DDC / Beatport / DC / DDP / Swiss Dance Charts).

Matthias Peschties also managed to establish himself as a remixer. Among others, he produced various mixes for Jack & Jones, Marco P., Gauliome Cocquin and Tiger and Dragon.

There are too many interesting styles of music that you can determine the X-ite Project on only one of them. With the new single „The Sound of Goodbye“ Matthias fulfilled his long desired dream to release his first Chillout & Downtempo track.

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Label: XWaveZ a division of KHB Music

Bildcopyright: Fotolia – nuiiko

Exclusive Spotify Release: 13.09.2016

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